No suds about it, when people think about fundraising car washing is high on the list of option. Wouldn’t it be great if you could raise money through car washing without having to make posters and jump up and down next to the highway, or even wash the cars?

No buckets-no sponges

That’s where Classic Car Wash comes in. Our fundraiser program allows your organization to make money without buckets, sponges or children standing beside a busy highways flagging down cars.

How it works:

  • Fill out an application at Classic Car Wash.
  • Specify the number of vouchers needed. (100 minimum)
  • You purchases the vouchers for $5.00 each and leave a deposit check for $500. To be held for a 30 day period.Return unsold vouchers at the end of the 30 day sales period and finalize all payments.
  • Wash vouchers are for a Deluxe wash ($16.value). Your group sells them for $10 each and makes $5.00 for each one sold, and person purchasing them gets a $16.00 Deluxe wash for only $10.00

**$500. Made that easy.